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Business Field

Restaurant Business

Restaurant Business

Pursue a healthy dining out culture that provides valuable gourmet at reasonable prices.

Premium Seafood Buffet

Makino Chaya

Makino Chaya is a seafood buffet prepared by the chef on the spot with fresh seafood delivered directly from the place of origin.
We provide customers with a total of 130 menus, including eco-friendly salads, specialties, and desserts, and the highest level of service.

StoresYeoksam, Pangyo, Gwanggyo, Bucheon

Japanese-style ramen&donburi specialty store


Unlike fusion ramen sold in Korea, in order to realize the taste of ramen using local recipes and ingredients, we visited and researched more than 60 famous restaurants operated by local ramen craftsmen in Japan, and in November 2006, Hakoya was opened the first store directly managed in front of Ewha Womans University in Daehyeon-dong, Seoul, and it has been loved by customers as well as rumors as a famous restaurant up to now.

Stores27 stores nationwide

Authentic French bakery freshly baked with the best ingredients


Launched in a residential area in Sangsu-dong, Seoul in 2011, Publique has created a brand name with the motto of 'good bread that anyone can enjoy’, and presents the taste of authentic French bread freshly baked using the finest ingredients such as carefully selected organic wheat flour, rye, and French butter.
Publique is gaining a reputation as one of “Seoul's top 5 croissant restaurants”, and has formed a mania among gourmets with its delicate buttery aroma and soft texture that melts as soon as it is put in the mouth.
'Meet freshly baked bread in an open kitchen with the concept of 'French Bread Factory'

Menu80 kinds, including signature croissants, hard bread, sweets, cooked bread, desserts, etc.