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Business Field

Food Manufacturing

Food Manufacturing

Provides a variety of HMR products with quality and simplicity from B2B products for food distribution business.

R&D development/education center

LF Food is constantly developing a variety of differentiated products such as Korean food, Japanese food, Chinese food, Western food, processed meats, seafood, sauces, etc. through the menu preferences and evaluation feedback of food experts and over 20,000 partners nationwide based on its mono kitchen studio.

HMR products

We are contributing to the improvement of consumers' quality of life by introducing various HMR products with guaranteed taste, high quality, and simplicity.

Reasonable price and easy recipe

Delicious home dining convenience food, mono kitchen

Main product groupKorean, Japanese, Chinese, Western/side dishes, snacks, etc.

Create a special dining atmosphere with one menu

Premium casual HMR brand, Kraze

Main product groupWestern food (steak, pork rib, hot dog, etc.)

B2B products

We provide a variety of B2B products for customers' successful restaurant business.

A partner for customers' successful restaurant business.

Global food ingredients specialty store, Mono Mart