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Business Field

Food Distribution

Food Distribution

Distributing differentiated products from self-manufactured products to domestic purchases and global sourcing products

Providing the best value to customers with the best product brand

LF Food is striving to provide the best value to customers by presenting differentiated products from self-produced products to domestic and global famous products through on/offline nationwide distribution infrastructure.

Self-manufactured products

We quickly introduce products that meet consumer trends with competitiveness through LF Food's own manufacturing facilities and know-how.

Meat processing manufacturing specialist

We present a variety of products that fit the trend, focusing on manufacturing frozen meat foods such as pork cutlet and sweet and sour pork and HMR products.

A manufacturer specializing in 'laver' with good raw grass

We show off the laver full of sea scent, savory taste, and rich texture by processing pure raw grass of clean area Haenam in the natural way.

Domestic purchase

We supply various products at home and abroad to meet changing customer needs.

Global sourcing

Through partnerships with renowned global food companies, we present a variety of high-quality products that have been met from abroad even closer.

Fishery raw material

Fresh Sea Food

Fresh seafood from all over the world, such as lobster, crab, shrimp, and octopus, is sourced directly through LF Food's network.

Processed food

European premium food ingredients

From premium natural cheese, butter and oil to premium ingredients such as truffle and caviar, you can find them in department stores, large discount stores, and online.


Secret sauce that adds flavor to food

Representative brandsKikoman, Kewpie, etc.

Representative productsSoy sauce sprinkled on eggs, pork cutlet ramen soup, etc.

Ice cream

Premium ice cream made from fresh raw milk

Enjoy a variety of flavors such as fresh milk, chocolate, lavender, matcha, and salt with premium ice cream full of flavor of fresh milk squeezed that day.