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Company Introduction

CEO's Greetings

CEO's Greetings

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is Lee Seung-woo, CEO of LF FOOD
We, LF FOOD, entered the food industry in 2007 with the mission of being a global food company providing customers with world-class gastronomic experiences.

LF Food, which started its F&B business through the seafood buffet brand 'Makino Chaya', is continuing its growth by establishing partnerships with global food companies and providing unique and diverse foods from around the world to domestic customers.

We have established a foothold to become a comprehensive food company by acquiring Monolink and Gourmet, which are global food ingredients specialists following the new entry into the raw material business, which introduces healthy seafood to domestic customers through strict screening standards. In addition, in 2019, we are making various efforts to secure business capabilities, such as acquiring meat processing companies.

Along with this, we do not settle down domestically, experts who are knowledgeable in the culture and gastronomy of each country, including Asia, Americas, and Europe, gathered together to develop HMR, which is receiving great reviews from domestic customers.

In the future, LF Food will continue to develop into a global comprehensive food company and strive to establish itself as a food company representing Korea.

Thank you.

CEO Lee Seung-woo